Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Everybody Wants to Live Forever. Or Do They?

We humans are ruled by time.

That time ticks on is inescapable.
Clock faces
Moons with spider hands
Click through seconds.
Droplets of reality.
Grains of each impulse
Slide through cupped hands
That cannot hold
The hours back
From their kamikaze dive into nothingness.

But if we could stay young forever what would that really be like?  

What if time didn't matter any more?  What if you could reverse your age and be young again? Would we be any better off?  Who would control the technology?  Big business or big crime?  Who could access it?  The highest bidder? 
What if you were a victim of the technology?

Welcome to The Iduna Project and Paige's world.

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