Monday, 26 May 2014


Once they’re inside you, there’s only one way to stop them

I'm delighted to finally reveal the cover for BOOK 2 of the Iduna Project series. The book is now going through final edits and will be available in the middle of June. I'd hoped to get it out earlier, but was sidetracked by work on my adult historical fiction novel, UNNATURAL.
 It's always fun to rejoin Paige, Junius and Chale as they continue in their quest to make sense of the strange and dangerous world they've discovered after escaping from the Iduna compound, and this book takes them deep into the desert to Sin City and the bizarre world of the Crime Lords.
 My travels to Arizona and Las Vegas really inspired the setting for this novel, as well as  a Vanity Fair article entitled Three Planetary Futures, which imagines the future Las Vegas as a strange and arid eco-tourist destination where once-opulent hotels crumble into the dust and colonies of kangaroo rats inhabit ruined Bellagio suites. All because the water supply was redirected to larger population centres. Check this fascinating article out here.
This beautiful cover was designed once again by the wonderful Jeanine Henning. Check out her work here and I'll keep you updated on release dates as well as feature some background info and excerpts in coming blogs.

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