Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I'm so excited to reveal the new cover of THE FEEDERS, the final book of THE IDUNA PROJECT. Designed by the wonderful Jeanine Henning, it completes the beautiful trio of covers. Here's a quick preview of the cover blurb:

Paige has survived the Battle of Sin City, even though Antoine is injured and Yul holds Junius hostage at Iduna Central. She returns to Carter City with Chale, determined to find her father on Masalina Island, a place that could provide permanent sanctuary for the Forevers.
But Marcia has other ideas and when Junius’s father shows up unexpectedly, plans for the next mission to save Junius go into high gear. Meanwhile a shocking discovery among the ARP residents of Golden Heights threatens Yul’s entire empire making him desperate to get to Paige and her father who may hold the key to the success of The Iduna Project.
Paige must find the courage to outwit Marcia and Yul otherwise she’ll always be a pawn in the race for immortality. But she faces a tough road and unexpected dangers and revelations in her search to uncover the truth about all the players involved in the Iduna Project.

Can Paige finally find freedom and happiness? And who will she find happiness with?
Find out in the gripping final episode of The Iduna Project.

I'm working hard to get the book finished, but it will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon. And I do hope the final book will tie up this story that has been such a joy to write!
I'll keep you posted on its progress!

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