Thursday, 29 August 2013

Another Great Review for THE FOREVER ONES!

"This book did the incredibly rare thing of surprising me, not once but twice as well." (Laura Greenwood)

I'm really happy to share another great review for THE FOREVER ONES from +Laura Greenwood at her terrific blog Trips Down Imagination Road.   Click here to read the full review.
Las Vegas 2077?

All reviews have been so positive it's made the task of writing Part 2 of The Iduna Project much easier. I recently spent time in Las Vegas which is actually the setting for a large part of Book 2.  Only it's not the Las Vegas of today - it's Las Vegas 2078! Unlike anything you can imagine! And just as in Book 1 there'll be many surprises, some questions from Book 1 will be answered but new questions will come up.    All I can tell you is that Paige will be up to her usual exploits, checking out every lead and risking her life to find the truth.
I'll keep you posted.

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